Friday, 26 July 2013

In neo-punk we trust

Let's bring together skulls, whimsical animals, roses and all that's funky & hip! and make a Rad Playground ofc!

1. Flying pig pink pencil skirt

2. Twisted goth top w/ Peter Pan skull necklace

3. Roses & skulls dress

4. Angel wings tattoo top w/ leather waistband

All these babies are available in my online shop :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Under my leather

While building this collection one of the enjoyments was working with ecological leather. Just a simple touch of this fabrics can bring a garments to life, revive it and give it that little kink that most clothes deserve. Either merged with delicate fabrics like veil and poplin cotton, or merged with eyelets and spikes most of Rad Playground items have experienced the power of leather.


                1. Leather mini skirt with veil adornment

2. Asymmetrical leather skirt w/ eyelets

3. Leather rompers w/ spikes and dancing skulls

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wear a circle!

Circles are always a good idea :) vests, tops, sleeves. Name the all, they all are circle friendly. Don't believe me? see for yourself!
                                                      1. Circle top

                                                        2. Zip it! skull & animal print pattern top

3. Silver circle vest

For more information on the sizing, prices and fabrics go to my Etsy shop or send me your thoughts at

Friday, 19 July 2013

Fold & gather

I love the gathered hole effect on my garments and also the origami folding technique. They allow you to play with structures and volumes and gives the piece of clothing an architectural appearance.
You can enjoy the both in my Circus collection. :)

                                                1. Double fold top

2. Flared goth top

3 Gathered hole flared top

They are all available at 50% discount in my Etsy boutique here or to order at  More info is also available on my Facebook page here or on my official site here.

Thank you for stopping by!